Orange & Rockland has renewed its advice to customers about natural gas odors: if you smell natural gas, report it to O&R immediately.  The telephone number to call is: 1-800-533-5325.

That phone line is staffed every day, around the clock 24/7/365. A gas crew will be dispatched to respond to your report immediately. There is no charge for the crew to respond. The crew members are only interested in your safety. 

The natural gas odor smells like rotten eggs and is added to the natural gas so that leaks can be readily detected.

O&R offers customers a number of gas safety tips. When you suspect a gas leak you should:

  • Leave your home immediately and take others with you. If outside, get well away from where you suspect the gas is leaking.
  • Open windows before you leave if the odor is faint.
  • Call us at 800-533-5325 once safely away from the leak.
  • Tell us if there is also a problem with your electric service.
  • NOT do anything to create a spark that could cause an explosion, such as lighting a match, turning appliances on or off,       using a phone or cell phone. Do not ring a doorbell or start a car.


Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R), a wholly owned subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy companies, is a regulated utility. It provides natural gas service to approximately 130,000 customers in New York and Pennsylvania.