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Property Valuation

The property taxes you pay are based on the assessed value of your property. The primary function of this office is to maintain a fair and equitable assessment roll, which is the basis for the property taxes levied by the Town, County School Districts, Fire Districts and Library.

Our goal is to maintain a current assessment roll, where each assessed value represents a uniform percentage of value. This ensures no one pays more or less than their fair share of the overall tax levy.

Exemption Administration 

Another function of the Assessor's Office is the administration of many exemptions for which property owners may qualify. Examples are:

  • STAR (Basic or Enhanced)
  • Veterans
  • Low-Income Senior or Disabled Persons
  • Commercial Exemption
  • Agricultural
  • Clergy
  • Non-Profit

All exemptions must be filed on or before March 1st.

Board of Assessment Review

Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May. You may file a Complaint Form (RP524) anytime from May 1st through Grievance Day itself along with any supporting documentation required. An appointment is required and the time willl be given when the complaint form is filed.

All forms are available at this office or on the NYS website by visiting

  pdf School Tax Relief - STAR Exemption Form (905 KB)

  pdf  Alternative Veterans Exemption Form RP-458-a (2.52 MB)

We welcome you and encourage you to stop in our office anytime and review the information we have on your property.