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The Building Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the State of New York Building Code, along with all relevant town laws. The department is responsible for reviewing and issuing building permits for commercial and residential projects, inspecting all permitted work, and issuing certificates of compliance and certificates of occupancy at the completion of a permit. In addition the department is also responsible for code enforcement within the town of Wallkill. For additional information as to what requires a permit, please see the FAQ below


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Please help our department reduce the amount of paper submitted with Building Permit Applications.

Please provide a legible email address on all applications, so we can send your permit and documents back to you via email. Your building permit # or project location address should be in the subject line in any/all email correspondence for your project.

Please submit one paper set of plans and one PDF copy of plans along with completed paper application pages.  You will get your all paper copies back when the permit is issued and we will keep the PDF copies.  Thank you for your cooperation in our continuing effort to reduce paper waste!

Questions about policy---(845) 692-7807 or

Unattended Donation Boxes

Please click on link below for the Local Law on Unattended Drop Boxes

The Town of Wallkill Building Department would like to remind property owners that it is your responsibility to keep your lawns mowed.  Most of our residents do a great job of keeping their properties well maintained making the one that don’t stand out like a sore thumb.


In the event that a yard goes unmaintained, the Building Inspector will send a certified letter to the owner giving the owner seven (7) days to rectify the problem.  If the problem hasn’t been corrected after the seventh day, the Building Inspector will have the Town’s Contractor enter the property and mow the lawn.  The property owner will be billed $300 each time the Town has to send the contractor to mow the lawn.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Building Department at (845)692-7807.