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 Due to its location and population, The Town of Wallkill Justice Court has one of the highest volumes of cases in the state, ranging from civil matters, traffic infractions, Parking, Penal Law misdemeanors and other statutes.  The Town of Wallkill has over 66 square miles of roads including two major highways.

Traffic Tickets – Infractions Only

The following information pertains to traffic violations for non-criminal offenses under the Vehicle and Traffic Law or Transportation Law.  This will be listed on your ticket as an “infraction” – NOT “misdemeanor.”

The Appearance date shown on your ticket is NOT a court date.  This is the date that you must enter a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty on each ticket issued and return to the court.

*It is your responsibility to make sure the Court has your correct mailing address and phone number*

To Plea Guilty: Fill out Section A, sign your name and return to the Court by the Appearance Date. Make sure you include your current mailing address. You will be notified by mail the amount of the fine and the date on which the fine is due.

To Plea Not Guilty:  Fill out Section B, sign your name and return to the Court by the Appearance Date.   Make sure you include your current mailing address.  It would be helpful to us if you include your phone number – sometimes we have to cancel court on short notice. You will be notified of your court date by mail.   If a Supporting Deposition was not already attached to your ticket and you would like to receive one from the Officer, check the box “yes” in Section B.

At your scheduled court date, a Town Prosecutor will discuss a possible disposition of the charges.  If you and the Prosecutor are unable to agree to a disposition, the case will be scheduled for a Trial to be held at a future date.

CRIMINAL - Misdemeanors

All Penal Law charges as well as Driving While Impaired or Intoxicated (Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192), Reckless Driving (Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1212), Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 511), and Suspended registration (Vehicle and Traffic Law 512).  Such charges, together with traffic infractions issued at the same time, are prosecuted by the District Attorney in criminal court.  For these Misdemeanor charges you cannot plead guilty. The Appearance Date shown on your ticket IS a court date and you must appear on that date.  You should call the court to confirm that your court date has not changed.  You must appear with an attorney at your first court appearance.  You can call Legal Aid (845)-291-2454 to see if you qualify. 

For your criminal history, you may contact the Record Review Unit @ 518-474-9847 or go to Scroll to the bottom and go under Community Resources- Request your criminal history.

Payment of Fines and Mandatory Surcharges

In addition to a fine set by the Judge upon a conviction, New York State Law requires the imposition of a mandatory Surcharge.  The amount of the surcharge varies and depends on the date and nature of the offense.

Forms of payment accepted at the Court window are Cash, Money Orders and Credit Cards.  There will be a 2.99 % fee charged to use a credit card.  The Court does not accept personal checks.  Money orders should be made out to Town of Wallkill Court.

To pay online (there is a fee for this service):  You will need the Judge’s PLC (pay location code) number, amount and case number. The case number is on your court notice. You can call the court if you do not know your case number. Go to and click “pay a bill” (make sure you click on the correct Judge) or you can go to  The PLC numbers are as follows:

                        Judge Joseph Owen – 9214

                        Judge Patrick Owen – 9215

                        Judge Peter Green - 7227

                        Parking – 8942



Small Claims

A person (18 or older) may file a small claim for monetary damages only for up to $3,000.00.  The person (or company) you are bringing a suit against must reside, work or have a place of business in the Town of Wallkill.  A booklet explaining Small Claims procedures will be provided when the claim is filed.  Commercial Small Claims must be filed in a city court.  The fee for filing a Small Claims case is $10.00 for claims of $1,000 or less and $15.00 for claims over $1,000.

Summary Proceedings (Eviction)

It is best for you to hire an attorney.  The court clerks are NOT attorneys and cannot give any legal advice or assist you with the paperwork .  The fee to file is $20.00.  If it is not possible for you to get an attorney, you can go to for free, do-it-yourself information and forms. 


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Judge Joseph A. Owen


Judge Patrick S. Owen


Judge Peter W. Green