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Michael Aumick

Highway Supervisor

phone retro 16 (845) 361-1106
fax 16 (845) 361-3801
email 16 Email

house yellow 16 860 Route 17M
     Middletown, NY 10940

Please be advised that the Town of Wallkill's Brush Drop off Program has been
suspended until further notice.

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community the brush drop off yard at
the Highway Department has been closed to the public.

Our website will be updated when we are able to open the yard again, thank your for your understanding as we navigate through this uncertain time.

The Town of Wallkill is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2020 Bulk Pick up Program. This program is for Single and Two Family homes only.  We will pick up 2 cubic yards (approx.1 pickup truck load); excess items will be left for removal at owner's expense.  Once trash is picked up on your street, trucks will not return.  

All items must be placed curbside on the SUNDAY EVENING listed below:

                                                         First Ward                                                              Third Ward
                                    Councilman Mark Coyne                                        Councilman Neil Meyer
                                               April 19, 2020                                                             May 3, 2020

                                                 Second Ward                                                           Fourth Ward
                                          Councilman Eric Valentin                                     Councilman Eric Johnson
                                                April 26, 2020                                                             
May 10, 2020

Please  pdf Click Here (26 KB)  to see the complete list of regulations.  If you are not sure which ward you live in, please check out our    pdf Street/Ward List. (3.58 MB)

For additional questions or concerns, Please call
County Waste (845)457-4885

Please be advised that the Town of Wallkill Highway Department will no longer be accepting
electronics for recycling on a daily basis.

The Town will schedule drop off days twice a year for resident to properly dispose of unwanted electronic items.  Drop off days will be advertised in advance. 

 For the list of acceptable items for recycling, please  pdf Click Here (328 KB)

Overgrown trees and fallen limbs are the leading cause of power outages during storms.

Beginning August 20th, Orange and Rockland employees, working with the town of Wallkill, will be performing a tree survey on Wes Warren, 211 East, Goshen Turnpike, Scotchtown Place, Bart Bull Road and associated side street to help reduce the frequency and duration of power outages in the area.

 As part of the survey, we’ll be checking for hazardous trees outside our right of way.

 What’s a hazardous tree? Trees growing outside our right of way, including on private property, that are damaged, diseased, dead or dying, and are likely to fall and damage lines, causing an outage.

 Our arborists will let you know if you have a hazardous tree on your property, and with your permission, they will trim it or, if necessary, remove it for you.

 We hire only professional foresters who are specially trained in preserving tree health and follow International Society of Arboriculture pruning guidelines.

 We will never cut or remove a tree that is on private property without your permission.

To learn more, please Click Here

On Thursday September 28, 2017 a Public Information Meeting was held to give our residents an overview of the Winding Brook Drainage Project scheduled to be completed next year.  To see the presentation that was made at that meeting, please pdf click here (3.01 MB) .  To see a few Frequently Asked Questions, please pdf click here (291 KB) .

PEARL RIVER, NY Sept. 6, 2017 --- How did we ever communicate with our neighbors before the Internet?

We chatted with them as we walked the dog or waited with the kids at the bus stop. We took a break from mowing the lawn to discuss the events of the day over the back fence or on a breather from raking leaves or shoveling snow out of the driveway.

But, if we lost a household pet, sponsored a teen car wash, hosted a garage sale, opened a lawn-care business, ran for public office or threw a block party, the first place we went to spread the news was the utility pole.

Before anyone ever imagined the Internet, one of the most popular local message boards by default became the utility poles that line many of the community’s streets. The poles were one of the most convenient and accessible methods for hosting a posting. Signs of every shape, size and message sprung up every season --- especially during the political season.

Now, times have changed. The Internet is the most effective marketing tool ever conceived. We have a distribution list for everyone from the Cub Scout troop to the choir group and everyone in between. The neighbors are at our texting finger tips.

And, still the pole signs prevail. Not satisfied with texting everyone we know, we want the carriage trade passerby as well. No one can pass our block without seeing posts on poles about our garage sales.

Unfortunately, those signs and posters more often than not pose a safety risk as a visual distraction to motorists, particularly at street intersections, and a litter nuisance. Further, such signs can obscure the pole’s 10-digit I.D. number, hindering customer efforts to determine a definitive pole location when reporting outages or damage.

So, O&R today issued a reminder to its customers, particularly all political candidates and their campaign workers as we enter the electoral season, about O&R’s long-standing policy prohibiting the posting of all signs on utility poles.

This policy is grounded in very practical safety and litter control considerations and O&R is asking the cooperation of all who hang signs for car washes, lost pets, garage sales and political campaigns for compliance.

Please be advised that parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all Highways or any other public property of the Town between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 A.M. beginning the first day of October in each year and continuing through the first day of April in the next succeeding year and during all times in which more than two inches of snow accumulates within any such twenty-four hour period.

Tickets will be issued for non-compliance.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Call 811- Dig Safely
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Catch Basin Cleaning
Obstructed Signs
Roadside Parking
Leaf Collection
Mailbox Policy
We Care Program
Roadside Herbicide Application


The Town of Wallkill Highway Department provides residents with road repairs and improvements; winter snow and ice removal; and roadway safety features such as signs, striping and guide-rail for our 166-mile highway network. Additional responsibilities include roadside vegetation control, roadside litter pick-up, drainage repairs and improvements, and bridge maintenance. This work is accomplished with a full time crew of 22 personnel.

Hours of Operation

Mid April – Mid November:
Monday through Thursday 6:00 am to 4:30 pm

Mid November – Mid April:
Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Phone Numbers:
Fax (845)361-3801

860 Route 17M Middletown, NY 10940
(Intersection of NYS Routes 17M & 302)

At the TOW Highway Yard:

Leaves and grass clippings will still be recycled at the Town of Wallkill Highway Department yard at no charge. This material is composted for at least one year, and the finished product is a dark multi-purpose mulch. This composted mulch is available at no charge to all Town residents.

Brush is being accepted at the Town of Wallkill Highway Department yard during normal operating hours. Please note that we will not accepts any branches bigger than 3" in diameter, wood or stumps.

Catch Basin Cleaning

We clean all drainage basins biannually or more frequently if needed. Is the catch basin in front of your house clogged? If you notice a clogged catch basin or culvert pipe, please call us at 361-1106 so that we can add it to our maintenance list.

Obstructed Signs

If you see a stop sign or an advanced warning sign (these are yellow signs with black legends) that is obstructed, please call us at 361-1106 so we can arrange to have the blockage removed expeditiously. By notifying us of this potentially dangerous situation, you will be helping to keep our community safe.

Roadside Parking

The parking of vehicles is prohibited by law on all highways or any other public property of the Town between the hours of 12:00 am and 6:00 am beginning the first day of October in each year and continuing through the first day of April in the succeeding year, and during all times in which more than two inches of snow accumulates within any such twenty-four hour period. The purpose for this restriction is to allow our snow and ice control personnel to do their jobs safely and efficiently without the hazard and obstruction of roadside vehicles. Violation of this law could result in a parking ticket, or possibly even damage to your vehicle. Please comply with the wintertime No Parking ordinance.

Leaf Collection

The Town of Wallkill Highway Department collects leaves in the densely populated neighborhoods once a year in the Fall. Although weather and other factors beyond our control make it impossible to set a definite schedule, we will pick-up leaves one(1) time in each neighborhood throughout the month of November. WE PICKUP LEAVES ONLY! PLEASE REMOVE BRANCHES AND LIMBS. The leaves can be raked to the edge of the road or placed in bags near the edge of the road. By placing the leaves in bags, you will avoid the frustration of raking leaves just to have the wind blow them around before they are picked up. DO NOT PLACE LEAVES ON THE PAVEMENT OR OVER CATCH BASINS! If you have bagged your leaves, please call us and let us know; the bags can generally be picked up quickly as they do not require the special equipment that loose leaves do.

Please be advised that the Town does not offer brush pickup. You can however contact a contractor for this service, or bring your branches to the Highway Department.

PDF icon pdf  Leaf Collection Schedule (879 KB)

Mailbox Policy

Contrary to popular belief, there is no statutory or legal authority which grants a property owner or resident along a public highway any right to place a mailbox in a highway right of way. The owner may have an informal license, but this does not endow the owner of the mailbox with any legal rights in the highway when it is needed for highway purposes.

The Highway Superintendent and the State of New York have a duty to keep the highway available for public use. Snow removal and snow storage are incident to that use. When the necessity of keeping the highway open for vehicles conflicts with the individual's receipt of mail, the latter must stand aside. The owner might even be compelled to remove the box under Highway Law §319.

The owner has no right to interfere with the speedy and efficient removal of snow by placing the mailbox in such a position as to cause this result, and no liability results on the part of the public official charged with the duty of snow removal if such box is so placed that it may be injured by proper highway maintenance. (Informal opinion, Attorney General 2/28/66)

If your mailbox has been damaged by our plows during a storm, please call our office. We will send a Supervisor out to inspect the damage, and if he finds the damage to be caused by one of our plows physically striking the mailbox, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. If the damage is caused by the weight of the snow being plowed off the road (which is usually the case), the homeowner will be required to repair or replace the box at their own expense.

In order to survive snow removal operations, a mail box must be properly situated, constructed and maintained. Click here for the USPS regulations. Access is also the responsibility of the owner to maintain. Check your mailbox and post annually for proper height and sturdiness. If can wiggle the mailbox or post, it most likely will not survive many more snowstorms. In our opinion, a standard size metal box on a T-type (cross arm) post hold up better than large boxes or plastic boxes,  image click here  (1.69 MB) for a good example of a properly installed mailbox. If yours looks like image this one (1.74 MB) , get it repaired as soon as possible and before cold weather sets in.

We Care Program

The Town of Wallkill is proud to continue their volunteer roadside clean-up program. The "We Care" program is similar to the State's Adopt-A-Highway program in that local business, civic groups and individuals can "adopt" a Town road to keep clean of litter. The Town will provide safety vests, gloves, garbage bags and litter pick-up devices, and will collect the full bags of garbage after each clean-up effort. Clean-ups will be conducted twice each year; once each Spring and Fall. A sign with the "We Care" logo will be installed on each end of the adopted road and a separate sign will be placed below the "We Care" logo giving recognition to the volunteer group performing the clean up. If you or your organization is interested in participating in the Town of Wallkill's new "We Care" program, contact the Highway Department at 361-1106.

Roadside Herbicide Application

The Town occasionally applies herbicide to roadside vegetation annually in some of the rural areas only as needed. Guiderail installations also receive one annual application. All applicators possess DEC certification. This program achieved several benefits, such as:

  • Reducing repetitive machine mowing, saving money
  • Eliminating habitat for ticks that cause Lyme's Disease
  • Reducing brush and weeds that impede sight distance, helps eliminate contact with deer
  • Open up ditch areas to minimize mosquito habitat
  • Encourages ground cover plants to thrive such as daylilies and myrtle

The work is done usually in late Spring or early Summer.

If a resident has a concern with the program and would not want the right-of-way treated in front of their residence, please contact the Highway Department. We will evaluate your request and advise you of our decision.



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