Town of Wallkill Supervisor




As the Chief Executive of the Town of Wallkill, I, Frank DenDanto III, exercise the authority vested to me under Section 24 of the New York State Executive Law, to preserve the public safety and hereby render all required and available assistance vital to the security, well-being, and health of the citizens of the Town. I hereby direct all departments and agencies of the Town of Wallkill to take whatever steps necessary to protect life and property, public infrastructure and provide such emergency assistance as deemed necessary.

IN ADDITION, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 25(1) of Article 2-B of the Executive Law, which states that “upon the threat or occurrence of a disaster, the chief executive of any political subdivision is hereby authorized and empowered to and shall use any and all facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel and other resources of his political subdivision in such manner as may be necessary or appropriate to cope with the disaster or any emergency resulting therefrom”, and in accordance with the applicable Management Rights provisions in any of the collective bargaining agreements now in effect between the Town of Wallkill and its representative employee organizations, I hereby direct all Town Department Heads to arrange, modify or limit the work schedules of their respective departments in such a manner as may be necessary to attempt to minimize the risks to Town employees associated with the current novel coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak in accordance with recommendations issued by all relevant medical professionals and/or government agencies.

 Said suspensions shall run from the date of this Executive Order through March 17, 2020 subject to extension by further order. The suspension of the aforesaid policies and Local Laws shall be for the minimum deviation from the requirements of same consistent with the disaster action deemed necessary.

  1. Chapter 74-Assemblies, Mass Public
  1. Town of Wallkill’s Procurement Policies and Local Laws, including, but not limited to Town Code Chapter 43-Procurement Policy to allow the undersigned or his designee to expend Town funds and resources in the best interest of the Town in connection with the current health disaster,

IN ADDITION, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 24(g) of Article 2-B of the Executive Law to temporarily suspend or modify any local law, ordinance, order, rule, or regulation, or parts thereof during a disaster emergency, if compliance with such local law, ordinance, order, rule, or regulation would prevent, hinder, or delay action necessary to cope with the disaster emergency or if necessary to assist or aid in coping with such disaster, I hereby suspend the following:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Frank DenDanto III, Supervisor of the Town of Wallkill, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the Laws of the State of New York, hereby find, pursuant to Section 24 of Article 2-B of the Executive Law, that a disaster is impending in the Town of Wallkill, I do hereby declare a disaster emergency for the entire Town of Wallkill.

WHEREAS, the Town of Wallkill is addressing the threat that COVID-19 poses to the health and welfare of its residents and visitors,

WHEREAS, both travel-related cases and community contact transmission of COVID-19 have been documented in New York State and in particular, Orange County, New York and more are expected to continue; and

WHEREAS, on January 31, 2020, United States Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency for the entire United States to aid the nation's healthcare community in responding to COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, on January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization designated the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern; and

A State of Emergency is hereby declared in the Town of Wallkill effective as of 4:00 p.m. on March 12, 2020.


                                                                                                                March 12, 2020